Cancer Care Conference

Here is an important announcement from Dr. Maria Fidelis C. Manalo, MSc of the Cancer Center at The Medical City in Pasig, Philippines.

I would like to invite you to the Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Conference, entitled: “Stage 4 Cancers: Treatment Options and Ethical Guidelines for Decision-Making, ” we are holding on June 16, Monday, 8-10am at the Conference Rooms 1 & 2, 4th floor, Podium Bldg, The Medical City (TMC), Ortigas, Pasig.

The conference will tackle the issue of whether there is a period in the treatment of a Stage IV cancer patient that aggressive medical treatment should be still be pursued and when should these already be stopped. Stated otherwise, does aggressive medical treatment of Stage IV cancer patient reach a point where enough is enough?

Our panel of speakers includes:
1) Dr. Manuel Francisco Roxas – to talk about surgery for palliation
2) Dr. Trixie Tiangco – to talk about chemotherapy for palliation
3) Dr. Rico Tangco – to talk about radiotherapy for palliation
4) Dr. Marina Chua-Tan – to talk about the role of stem cells and regenerative medicine in cancer treatment
5) Dr. Agnes Bausa-Claudio- to talk about referring to a palliative care specialist
6) Mr. Fermin Adriano, PhD – to share his experience about having lost his daughter to nasopharyngeal cancer
7) Rev. Fr. Eric Marcelo O. Genilo, SJ – to talk about ethical decision making on end-of-life care

Yours truly will be the MC and moderator of the conference.

Admission is free. We will be also inviting patients, family members/caregivers, residents, fellows, nurses and colleagues in and outside TMC. Please extend our invititation as well to everyone else who might be interested.

I have to admit that I would like as many people as possible to be informed very well on the options they can take when they or their loved ones are diagnosed with advanced cancer. It breaks my heart that patients are referred to me for pain management and symptom control after having suffered so much (and I would say uselessly) from surgery, chemo or radio, that in the end hastened their death, since their weak constitution was not able to tolerate these modalities well. Of course, aside from the physical suffering, they are also financially drained by all these aggressive treatments. More importantly, with this conference, I would like everyone to know what euthanasia is all about and how it is not an option at all for the terminally-ill.

Hope to see you during the conference. Please feel free to get in touch with us at the Cancer Center for any queries you might have.

Liza Manalo

Dr. Maria Fidelis C. Manalo, MSc.Palliative Care Service
Cancer Center
The Medical City
Ortigas, Pasig,Philippines
Tel:+6326356789 loc 6507/6506/6214
Mobile: +639175405196

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