12th World Congress on Pain

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When & Where
August 17-22, 2008
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Scottish Exhibition & Conference Centre

The International Association for the Study of Pain invites you to join the world’s premier Congress devoted to research and treatment of pain.

You will network with – and hear from – thousands of the world’s leading experts on pain as they share their thoughts, research and findings on this critical topic.

Purpose and Objectives of the Congress
This Congress benefits those just entering the field of pain research and treatment, and those interested in updating their skills and knowledge of promising research and treatment possibilities.

Intended Audience
This multidisciplinary meeting is of interest to:

  • basic scientists
  • physicians
  • psychologists
  • dentists
  • nurses
  • physical therapists
  • pharmacists
  • professors
  • researchers
  • students, trainees and young professionals
  • other health professionals

The learning objectives of this event are:

  • deliver a state-of-the-art overview of a wide range of topics in the area of pain, enhancing the skills of our delegates
  • provide practical reviews of current research and therapies in these areas
  • enable delegates to participate in formal and informal discussions with international experts on pain management and pain research, so they can incorporate those views into their practices

For more information, visit the IASP Website.

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