New Vision for WFOT

Quoted below is the latest news from World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT).

The international developments occurring in the world and advancement of the profession require that the WFOT increase its resource base.  On April 9 2008 a background Discussion Document was circulated to Delegates and Member Countries making the business case for a change in how the WFOT finances its work.  This follows 2 years of discussion on altering the WFOT fee structure.  You are invited to read these documents so that you may better understand, if you are a WFOT Individual Member, where your support goes and what the future entails for the WFOT in the international arena.  The Scenarios introduced in the Discussion Document are now being studied by member countries and includes the suggestions by a member country to raise the IM fee to US$21.00. There may be other variations on the fee structure before Council actually votes in September 2008 on a new fee structure.
The other new concept is the Premium Pricing (PP) approach to fee collection.  A number of major organisations are considering bringing all their members into the WFOT. If you are not a WFOT Individual Member but want to support the international development of the profession, please contact the WFOT Secretariat.

E Sharon Brintnell
Vice President Finance
and the WFOT Management Team

Click here to read associated file titled Financial Sustainability of the WFOT and the Role of Membership Fees.

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