Post-Graduate Course on Neurological Rehabilitation

The University of Santo Tomas, College of Rehabilitation Sciences would like to invite everyone to a Post–Graduate Course entitled Maximizing our Clients’ Rehabilitation Potential: CURRENT TRENDS IN NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION.

When & Where
December 6-7, 2008
Medicine Cinematorium
University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines

Course Objectives
This post-graduate course aims to:

1. Provide a multi-disciplinary perspective on emerging trends in the management of adult neurologic conditions;
2. Present current evidence on the selection and utilization of outcomes and interventions in neurological rehabilitation; and
3. Discuss cost-effective management strategies that will maximize the rehabilitation potential of clients with chronic neurological conditions.

The scientific program is composed of plenary sessions and parallel sessions to be conducted by distinguished speakers from various expertise related to neurological rehabilitation.

Plenary Sessions

  • “Stroke therapy: From neuroprotection to neuroplasticity” by Dr. Johnny Lokin
  • “Driving neural reorganisation to optimise functional motor performance after acute brain lesion” by Hon. Prof. Roberta Shepherd, PhD
  • “Cognitive Rehabilitation: Technology Transfer” by Dr. David Man, PhD
  • “Pain syndromes and neurological disorders” by Prof. Lois Tonkin, PT
  • “Vestibular rehabilitation: Theory, evidence and practice” by Mr. Joven Christopher Cerdenia, PTRP, MHlthSc, PT, GCS
  • “Paying attention to attention: The role of resource allocation in aphasia” by Ms. Carla Krishan Cuadro, MRS-SP, CSP-PASP
  • “Maximizing Upper Extremity Recovery Post-Stroke” by Associate Prof. Donald S. Lipardo, MSPT, PTRP, PT

Parallel Sessions

  • “Integrating cognitive-behavioral principles in rehabilitation: encouraging a self-management approach” by Prof. Lois Tonkin, PT
  • “Evaluation and management of dysphagia in stroke” by Dr. Reynaldo Rey-Matias
  • “Neuro-occupation” by Ms. Sally Jane Uy, OTRP, OTR, MBAH
  • “Optimizing locomotor performance by task-oriented exercise and specific training to increase motor control, muscle strength and endurance, and physical fitness” by Hon. Prof. Roberta Shepherd, PhD
  • “Memory Rehabilitation: What, why and how?” by Dr. David Man, PhD
  • “Utilizing research evidence for adjuncts in therapy” by Ms. Ludmina Svetlana M. Calayan, MSPT, PTRP

Brief Profile of Speakers

Johnny Lokin, MD
President – Philippine Neurological Association
Assistant Professor – University of Santo Tomas

Roberta Shepherd, Ph.D.
Honorary Professor
University of Sydney, Australia
Co-Author of Janet Carr of the books: Movement Science (Butterworth- Heinemann Ltd, 1987) and A Motor Relearning Programme for Stroke (Aspen Publishers, 2nd ed 1987)

Dr. David Man, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Program Leader, BSc(Hon) in Occupational Therapy
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong

Lois Tonkin, PT
Consultant Physiotherapist, University of Sydney Pain Management & Research Centre
Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney
Associate Clinical Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine University of Sydney , Australia

Ludmina Svetlana M. Calayan, MSPT, PTRP
Faculty Member
College of Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Santo Tomas

Joven Christopher T Cerdenia, PTRP, MHlthSc, PT, GCS
Board Certified Clinical Specialist, Geriatric Physical Therapy Certified, LSVT-BIG
Outpatient Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, USA

Carla Krishan A. Cuadro, MRS-SP, CSP-PASP
Speech Language Pathologist
Speech and Language Therapy Clinic, St. Luke’s Medical Center

Donald S. Lipardo, MSPT, PTRP, PT
Physical Therapy Department
College of Rehabilitation Sciences
University of Santo Tomas

Reynaldo Rey-Matias, MD
Chairman, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Member of the Board of Trustees, Philippine Society of Neurorehabilitation
Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, UP College of Medicine

Sally Jane Uy, OTRP, OTR, MBAH
Senior Occupational Therapist
RehabPartners, Philippines

We can provide assistance for participants who will require overnight accommodations at rates separate from the registration fees.

For further inquiries, please call (632) 4061611, local 8454/8455 and look for Trina, Donald M. or Marty. You may also send an email to

Last updated: 13 November 2008

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