Different Taping Techniques Workshop

When & Where
29-30 November 2014
Mezzanine Floor
One Executive Office Bldg
Delta West Avenue, Quezon City

· To know the different principles and reasoning, and subtle differences of the various “colored functional taping” techniques
· to demonstrate the different techniques and methods
· to develop clinical reasoning in choosing the appropriate taping technique
· to apply the efficient and effective strategies in taping
· to learn and have fun!
· Meet new friends who are interested with manual, sports, movement and complementary therapies!

1ST DAY (9am-5pm)
Taping principles and theories
Different Tape cuts and strips
Taping for the Upper Extremities
Taping for the Lower Extremities

2ND DAY (9am-5pm)
Review of the 1st day
Taping for the Spine
Taping for Special Cases (lymphatics etc.)

For inquiries, contact —
Mobile no.: 09159096652 / 09233274606
Bayantel line: (02) 2805097

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