Robotic Suit Offers Alternative to the Wheelchair

It takes extra effort to bring forth news-worthy articles to the forefront for our readers to enjoy. Today, we did a bit more research. We surfed the net and apart constantly encountering offers on online auto insurance quote, we finally found something. This one takes the cake for today’s news.

Ever heard of the ReWalk™? Well, it was invented and is continually being developed by Israeli high-tech company Argo Medical Technologies. They describe their latest invention as…

click to enlarge… a wearable, motorized quasi robotic suit. It gives users the day-long ability to walk, stand from sitting position, climb stairs, ascend and descend slopes – and drive.

Exercising even paralyzed limbs in the course of movement, ReWalk™ alleviates many of the health-related problems associated with long-term wheelchair use. These include urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive problems, as well as osteoporosis and pressure sores.

A backpack, leg braces and remote-control wristband comprise the invention. Users initiate movements from the wrist control. Leaning forwards activates body sensors that set the robotic legs in motion.

Read the full article here.

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