The Kawa Model

Is anyone familiar with The Kawa Model? The term is very new to me and I only came across it as I was surfing through OT sites many nights ago.

To quote, the Kawa Model is…

a new conceptual model of practice that heralds an important shift in the discourses of theory and culture in occupational therapy. The profession’s first substantial theoretical work to emerge outside of the West impels occupational therapy beyond its familiar bases of individual autonomy and agency, toward collective-oriented, interdependent views of human occupation. Infused with Eastern philosophical perspectives and world views, the Kawa Model brings nature and ecology to the profession’s evolving rational dialectic.

We’d like to hear from the OTs who have used this in their treatment plans for their patients. Please share your experiences on this by leaving a comment or by starting a discussion in our forum.

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3 thoughts on “The Kawa Model”

  1. I am a OT student at Uninversity of Southern Maine. When the Kawa model was presented to us we all loved it 😀 Some of us are doing research on the “Therapist experience of using the Kawa Model in practice” and are finding it hard to find therapist.

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