October Is National Ergonomics Month

October is awareness month for a lot of campaigns. Incidentally, it also National Ergonomics Month as declared by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES). So before you buy any new modern furniture, make sure they’re ergonomically correct.

The world is a more efficient, productive, and safer place thanks to the science and practice of ergonomics (also known as human factors). When ergonomics is properly applied, systems, tools, products, and equipment are safer and easier to use, resulting in fewer errors and more efficient use of resources.

To help spread the word, the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) has declared the month of October to be National Ergonomics Month, with the goal of promoting the science and profession through teaching, learning, networking, service, and fun.

HFES members actively participate in a grass-roots outreach approach to National Ergonomics Month and are taking action to spread the word about the science and practice of ergonomics in their local communities. In addition, members will be making presentations to students to promote human factors/ergonomics as a career path.

Student members are some of the most active participants in National Ergonomics Month. For example, in Central Florida, the UCF Student Chapter and the Space Coast Chapter are putting on an ErgOlympics day; in an effort entitled “Community Charlas”, the University of Massachusetts, Lowell Student Chapter will reach out to the local community by creating presentations and demonstrations that will be tailored to their audience’s needs and delivered in Spanish.

Source: Ergoweb

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