October 29 is World Stroke Day

Better to turn on the bathroom lighting for this. Did you know that it is World Stroke day today?

World Stroke Day, which is held each year, aims primarily to improve global awareness of stroke prevention and encourage optimal management of stroke patients. The theme for this year is “Little strokes, big trouble.”  A description of silent stroke has been quoted from an American Heart Association article titled “Organizations to focus on ‘silent strokes’ on World Stroke Day 2008”.

Subclincial stroke, or “silent stroke,” is a brain injury likely caused by a blood clot interrupting blood flow in the brain. It’s “silent” because it has no symptoms. But doctors can detect brain damage with brain imaging tests. “Silent stroke” is a risk factor for future strokes and a sign of progressive brain damage that may result in long-term dementia.

The World Stroke Day 2008 proclamation says subclinical (silent) strokes can occur five times as often as strokes and can affect thinking, mood/depression and personality.

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