ASP’s Going GREEN for Autism Garage Sale

Here’s your chance to donate those old bed frames, which you’ve been dying to get rid of all those years. Show your support to Autism Society Philippines’ Going GREEN for Autism Garage Sale on November 29-30, 2008 at the Brgy. Hall Comp., Brgy. Greater Lagro, Q.C.

Suggested GARAGE SALE ITEMS to donate for Going Green for Autism

Used clothing/shoes/accessories:

  • Washed/cleaned and dry
  • Towels, face towels, hankies
  • Cloth bags, school bags, ladies bags, pins
  • Ladies, men, kids shoes, belts
  • Gowns, costumes, etc.
  • T-shirts, pants, pajamas, jackets, shorts, etc.

Old toys:

  • Stuffed toys, dolls, cars, game boards, legos, game cards, robots, educational toys

Books/Magazines: (Family friendly)

  • Children’s Books, encyclopedias, old school books, old magazines, newspapers

Household/Office Items (will be sold to junk shops/old furniture stores if defective)

  • Computers, cell phones, fax, chargers, printers, telephones, tv, radio,  players:vcr, beta, dvd, flashlight, washing machines, refrigerator, freezer, distiller, chandelier, blender, iron, toaster, coffee maker, stereo component etc
  • DVD, VCD, CD  (Family friendly)

Furniture and others:

  • Tables, Chairs, sofa, cabinets, lounges, stools
  • Vases, display items, paintings, steel file cabinets
  • Christmas tree, décor, (No Christmas Lights)
  • Plates, cups, glass, fork, spoon, (metal, ceramic or plastic)
  • Food warmers, food containers cooking utensils, frying pans, pots, etc.
  • Umbrellas baskets, trays Picture frame  Bottles, figurines, garden hose, flower pots

Collectible Items and Export Overruns

Rm. 307 ML Bldg., Bldg., 47 Kamias Road , Quezon City

Donors may also drop donations to:

Speciabilities Development Center
217 Biak na Bato St. Manresa, Q.C.

Clean City Commercial
646 Quezon Ave., Q.C.

Call ASP at 9266941 or 9298447 or send an email to for more details. Let’s do our share and help build dreams.

Please note that some of the garage sale items will be bought and used by indigent families of children with autism in ASP Lagro Chapter. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Source: ASP

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