Autism2008 – the Awares International Online Autism Conference

Autism2008 is the latest Awares International Online Autism Conference. It will open on November 24, 2008 and will last for an entire week.

Autism2008 is a unique opportunity to put your questions directly to people with autism and international autism professionals. This year’s outstanding list of more than seventy speakers includes: Professor Simon Baron-Cohen (UK), Dr Gary Mesibov (USA), Dr Ami Klin (USA), Donna Williams (Australia), Dr Susan Folstein (USA), Merry Barua (India), Dr John Constantino (USA), Dr Carol Gray (USA), Dr David Skuse (UK), Dr Pamela Heaton (UK), Dr Glenys Jones (Wales), Dr Dawn Wimpory (Wales), Dr Wendy Keay-Bright (Wales), Stephen Shore (USA), Dr Roberto Canitano (Italy), Dr Manuel Casanova (USA), Dr Susanne Bejerot (Sweden), Chantal Sicile-Kira (USA), Dr Darold Treffert (USA), Dr Mayada Elsabagh (UK), Dr Sven Boelte (Germany), Nuala and Dale Gardiner (UK), Dr Robert DeLong (USA), Dr Dirk Dhossche (USA), Dennis Debbaudt (USA), Dr Cheryl Dissanayake (Australia), and Dr Amanda Ludlow (UK).

Topics will range from the genetics, neurology and immunology of autism, biomedical approaches, environmental issues, educational methods, autism in adolescents and adults and first-hand experiences of living with autism and Asperger’s syndrome.

Autism2008 is open to absolutely anyone with an interest in autism.

Abstracts of speakers’ papers will be available online from November 17, 2008, and the full papers from November 21.

An online Foyer Café will also be available for delegates to meet and discuss issues prior to the conference.

Autism2008 – the Awares International Online Autism Conference – is organised by Autism Cymru, Wales’ National Charity for Autism.

For more information, click here.

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