New Backpain Guidelines

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in the United Kingdom has published guidelines for the effective use of exercise and manual therapy in the management of people with persistent low back pain. They were developed by experts in persistent low back pain from throughout the UK, taking into account patient views.

Key recommendations are that:
• people with persistent lower back pain should be given the opportunity to participate in an exercise programme after physiotherapy assessments;
• exercise is a cost-effective way of reducing pain and improving function;
• manual therapy, if used, should be part of a package of care that includes exercise and self-management to reduce pain, improve function and improve psychological status.

The guidelines cost £50, but reductions are available for some groups. Contact the Enquiry Handling Unit, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, 14 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4ED, email:

Lifted from the October 2007 WCPT Newsletter

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