Occupational Therapy Accommodations for the Classroom

This has been posted at Theraconcepts but we would also like to share this valuable publication to the Angtherapist family.

We are pleased to present to you this handbook titled “Occupational Therapy Accommodations for the Classroom.” As written in the introduction, this handbook was originally developed for by the Ventura County SELPA OT Network as the Tool Chest and further expanded by the occupational therapists of the Pleasant Valley School District for use by OTs, student study team and IEP team members. One of the contributing staff from Pleasant Valley School District is no other than Dahlia Dosdos-Saavedra, a Filipino occupational therapist.

Occupational Therapy Accommodations for the Classroom

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To our dear friend Dahlia, many thanks! We are so proud of you!

Are you a Filipino therapist and would like to share any publications that you co-authored? Just contact us and send in a link or copy of your publication so we may share it with the rest of our colleagues.

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