World AIDS Day 2007

On  December 1st.

Take the Lead.

Stop AIDS. Keep the Promise.

Building on from last year’s theme of accountability, the 2007 and 2008 World AIDS Day theme is “leadership”.  This theme will continue to be promoted with the campaigning slogan, “Stop AIDS.  Keep the Promise.” The World AIDS Campaign (WAC) is encouraging everyone to  show leadership – as an individual, in our families, communities or in our place of work.

STOP AIDS Leadership Pledge

In collaboration with national, regional, global and constituent partners, this initiative asks people from all over the world to pledge their leadership to help stop AIDS. These pledges collected online, by mail and at events, will be used to create exhibitions, banners and other visibility actions during major events in 2008. With a goal of 100,000 signees, these pledges serve as a persuasive tool for leveraging greater political leadership on universal access to AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support and act as a visual example for key national and international decision-makers to follow.

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Test your knowledge
Take the World AIDS Day Quiz by AVERT, an international HIV and AIDS charity based in UK.

1. Roughly how many children were living with HIV/ AIDS at the end of 2006?
a. 2.3 million
b. 200,000
c. 1.1 million

2. How do most people become infected with HIV?
a. Unsafe sex
b. Injecting drugs
c. Blood transfusions

For the rest of the quiz, click here.

Lastly, don’t forget to wear the World AIDS Day Red Ribbon.

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