World Congress on Low Back and Pelvic Pain

The 6th Interdisciplinary World Congress on Low Back & Pelvic Pain Diagnosis and Treatment was held last November 7 – 10, 2007 with the theme “The Balance between Research and Clinic.” Venue was the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain.

Initiated in 1991 by Drs. Andry Vleeming and Vert Mooney,  the World Series on Low Back and Pelvic Pain is an international congress held every three years.  The congress aims to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary knowledge and consensus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic lumbopelvic pain. It welcomed practitioners, academics, researchers, policymakers from all continents as wide ranging as medicine, physiotherapy, osteopathic, chiropractic, biomechanics, manual therapy, psychology, exercise therapy, rehabilitation and orthopaedic and neurosurgery. The program chairmen, Drs. Andry Vleeming, Vert Mooney and Mel Cusi, explains the importance of the congress in their Mission and Invitation.

Lumbopelvic pain is still the second most common cause of sick leave in the industrialized world. It is a problem for patients as they try to seek clear consistent advice. For practitioners it is a complicated multi-factorial issue, especially when psychosomatic factors are involved, and the sheer variety of treatments betray our lack of precise knowledge in predicting outcomes. The great variation in clinical practice without consistent results would suggest sometimes a less than ideal care. Too often the choice of treatment reflects the skills of the practitioner rather than the needs of the patient. The congress promotes the empowerment of patients to participate in their own care and promotes cost effective prevention and treatment. This to reduce the social and financial cost of musculo-skeletal disorders to society. This initiative will be developed in partnership with appropriate patient, professional and scientific organizations, companies and health care providers.

Therefore, only evidence based knowledge will suffice to reach these goals!

Click here to view post-congress workshops.

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