Not all ABA is Alike by Autism Partnership Manila

When & Where
4 November 2014
Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Not all ABA is Alike by Autism Partnership Manila

This workshop is a great forum for parents, therapists, educators, social workers and public to share the expertise and experiences in intervention and treatments for autism. We strongly believe that the participants will bring home with them enhanced knowledge and skills in evidence-based treatments for autism and related disorders.

For enquiries, contact —
Phone: (02) 504-1072 (0998) 997-4171 (0917) 507-3656

Different Taping Techniques Workshop

When & Where
29-30 November 2014
Mezzanine Floor
One Executive Office Bldg
Delta West Avenue, Quezon City

· To know the different principles and reasoning, and subtle differences of the various “colored functional taping” techniques
· to demonstrate the different techniques and methods
· to develop clinical reasoning in choosing the appropriate taping technique
· to apply the efficient and effective strategies in taping
· to learn and have fun!
· Meet new friends who are interested with manual, sports, movement and complementary therapies!

1ST DAY (9am-5pm)
Taping principles and theories
Different Tape cuts and strips
Taping for the Upper Extremities
Taping for the Lower Extremities

2ND DAY (9am-5pm)
Review of the 1st day
Taping for the Spine
Taping for Special Cases (lymphatics etc.)

For inquiries, contact —
Mobile no.: 09159096652 / 09233274606
Bayantel line: (02) 2805097

Clinical Practice Guidelines on Stroke and Low Back Disorders

When & Where
October 19 & 26, 2014
5th Floor Basilio-Valdez Hall,
Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital,
Sta. Mesa Heights, Manila

Resource Speakers
Dr. Consuelo G. Suarez, MD, PhD, FPARM, MSPT
Dr. Janine Margarita R. Dizon, PhD, MSPT, PTRP
Dr. Valentin C. Dones III, PhD, MSPT, PTRP, CMT, DMS
Dr. Carol Valdecanas, MD, DPBRM, FPARM
Dr. Ephraim Gambito, MD, FPARM, PTRP
Dr. Tyrone Cabrera, MD, FPARMMs
Arlene Chua, MSPT, PTRP

For more information, visit the RehabTrends Inc Website.

Clinical Practice Guidelines on Stroke and Low Back Disorders

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