COTRB (Aust & NZ) Inc. Revises Assessment Criteria

The minimum criteria for the assessment process have been revised. This will apply to all applications received by the COTRB office from 1 August 2007 onwards.In particular, the English language criteria has been amended to accept only the IELTS examination by way of an English language test (the OET is no longer accepted), and more detailed information is now provided about circumstances in which the requirement for completion of the IELTS examination will be waived.

Please click on the following link to go to the Assessment Criteria page of the website for full details of the minimum criteria that must be met in order for an applicant to be eligible for skilled migration and to practice in Australia.

The difference now is that they won’t be accepting certificates from your schools attesting that English was the medium of instruction used during your study. Also, they did accept applications before from graduates of non-WFOT accredited schools, but who have had relevant and extensive working experience. It used to be enough for them. Obviously, they are implementing stricter rules in the assessment process, trying to keep up with other international accrediting bodies.

The only good thing with the COTRB is that there is no written exam involved. Once you’ve passed the desktop audit where they evaluate your credentials, all you need to do next is show how competent you are as an occupational therapist in the practice audit part. It’ll be all downhill from there. :)

You can download the revised information leaflet from COTRB here.

Getting Kids in Sync

A sensory processing approach to challenges associated with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavioural Disorders

Workshop Description
This presentation is designed for therapists, teachers, parents, caregivers and other professionals who are interested in understanding the fundamentals of sensory processing and its impact on attention, behaviour, social engagement, creative thinking, purpose driven play and learning. Genevieve offers practical and powerful tools to help support children “learn and thrive from the inside out”. Participants will be able to add beneficial experiences to the sensory diets of the children they care for. Respiration and its effects on behaviour, learning and attention will be presented along with practical tools to support the breath at home, in the classroom or in the social environment. Participants will be exposed to a multitude of activities involving rhythm and movement to implement immediately when leaving the workshop with the children they care for. A relationship based approach to interacting with your children to support problem solving, motor planning, creative thinking, building bridges between ideas and social connectiveness will also be presented in specific detail. The speaker will address how sensory processing difficulties affect many children, both with and without the diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, ADD, learning challenges and other developmental and neurological challenges. The speaker will describe how, both recognised and undetected, sensory processing difficulties in children can significantly impact social and emotional relationships, behaviour, attention and learning in the classroom, home and clinic.

About the Speaker
GENEVIEVE JEREB OTR is an Australian-born paediatric occupational therapist who presents on sensory processing disorders world wide. She has worked with leading USA clinicians and lecturers, collaborating with the well known international lecturers, Carol Stock Kranowitz, Patricia and Julia Wilbarger, Sheila Frick and Colleen Hacker. During her ten years in the USA Genevieve was co-owner of the cutting edge treatment facility, Therapeutic Associates and co-taught the course ’Treatment Perspectives for Sensory Modulation Disorders’.

30 November 2007, 9AM – 4:30PM

Perth WA – 9th November 2007
Melbourne VIC – 12th November 2007
Brisbane QLD – 19th November 2007
Wollongong NSW – 23rd November 2007
9AM – 4:30PM

Quality Hotel Singapore, 201 Balestier Road, Singapore 329926

Perth WA – Esplanade Hotel, Marine Tce, Fremantle
Melbourne VIC – William Angliss Institute of TAFE, 555 Latrobe Street
Brisbane QLD – Holliday Inn, Roma Street
Wollongong NSW – Steelers Club, Harbour Street

For more information on fees and registration, visit

Bobath Seminar on Hand Function

Course Content:
9:00-10:00 – Bobath Concept
10:00-12:00 – Normal Development
12:00- 1:00 – Lunch Break
1:00- 3:00 – Hand Function in Cerebral Palsy
3:00-4:00 – Treatment Demonstration
4:00-5:00 – Discussion/ Q&A and BAG Announcements

Lecturer: Ms. Deanna Kathrina Z. Maranion, PTRP, certified pediatric Bobath therapist
Facilitator: Ms. Araceli Socorro S. Estose, PTRP, pediatric therapist

CHAMP International Hostel at 26 Kamias Road, West Kamias, Quezon City, Philippines

16 September 2007, Sunday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Seminar Fees
Registration fee is Php 1,200 and includes handouts, lunch and 2 snacks. Pre-registration period is from August 27 to September 8, 2007. Pre-registrants are given Php 100 discount.

For more information, please contact Ms. Araceli Socorro S. Estose at mobile number +639177163644 or e-mail address bobath_philippines

Bobath Pediatric Introductory Course in Manila

Course Objectives
At the end of the course the participant is expected to:

  • Understand the Bobath concept in its current form, and its applications in the assessment and treatment of the child with cerebral palsy.
  • Identify the needs of children with cerebral palsy based on the Bobath clinical classification.
  • Apply principles of Bobath in making sound assessment.
  • Discuss possible treatment strategies based on the Bobath approach.
  • Choose appropriate treatment options based on the needs of a child with cerebral palsy.
  • Demonstrate skill in handling and implementing tone influencing patterns during supervised practice sessions with a partner and supervised treatment sessions with a child with cerebral palsy.

Course Leaders
Mr. Jung-Sun Hong
Senior International Bobath Instructor; Vice-President of the ABPIA and Vice-Director of the Bobath Children’s Hospital, South Korea.

Mr. Katsumasa Kii
Senior International Bobath Instructor; Member of the ABPIA and Head of Children’s Center, Bobath Memorial Hospital, Tokyo, Japan.

With Bobath International Instructors and Bobath-trained medical professionals from the Korean Bobath Association and the Japan Bobath Association

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