Summary of Articles (July to December 2009)

We would like to greet everyone a very happy new year. And as always, we bring you our summary of articles that we have posted on our website. The following list is for the last half of 2009. If you’ve missed out on any of these, you may access them through the links provided.

July 2009

  • Summary of Articles (January to June 2009)
  • Cognitive Framework for Dementia – An Interdisciplinary Focus: A Practical Approach to Treatment
  • Making Sense of Senses
  • OT Staff Screening Program for 2009
  • 10th World Down Syndrome Congress
  • CSP’s Move For Health Campaign
  • Workshops from UST CRS
  • Seminar-Workshop on Home Management Program
  • Philippine CBR Congress
  • Free ADHD Teleseminar: Relationship Balance When One Person Has ADHD
  • Seminar on Challenges Confronting Early Learners & Learning Disabilities
  • FCCPT Suspends Type II Visa Screen Process Effective September 1, 2009
  • Eighth World Congress on Brain Injury
  • Workshops from Zi Mei
  • World Physical Therapy Day 2009 Toolkit Now Available
  • July 2009 Physical and Occupational Licensure Examination Results

August 2009

  • U.S. Health Care Reform
  • APTA’s Audio Conference: Resources for the Pediatric Physical Therapist
  • Seminar on Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Executive Function
  • 2009 Technology Innovators Conference
  • PSDBP 5th Biennial Convention
  • 11th National Conference and 1st Southeast Asian Conference on Autism
  • Seminar on The Fundamentals of Augmentative / Alternative Communication
  • Company Assets: Home-Grown Occupational Therapists With Clinical Doctorate Degrees
  • Dementia Care Professional of the Year
  • August Seminars from the ASP
  • Certification Course in Dorn Method
  • Seminar-Workshop on The Malalignment Syndrome
  • Workshop on TEACCH and Special Olympics Philippines
  • Filing the Visa Screen Certificate for Foreign-Trained Occupational Therapists in the United States
  • Free Live Teleseminar on ADHD

September 2009

  • WHO DAR Newsletter August Issue Out
  • Entrepreneurship in Occupational Therapy
  • PPTA’s Upcoming Features in Media
  • World Alzheimer’s Day 2009
  • National School Backpack Awareness Day
  • International Autism Conference (IAC)
  • ASP Seminars for September
  • ICDL 13th Annual International Conference
  • Seminar on Tone Influencing Patterns for Cerebral Palsy (Bobath Approach)
  • Free Workshop with Shinette Alinas
  • Seminar-Workshop Series from My Little Butterfly
  • Seminar on Hand Rehabilitation: Methods of Evaluation and Management
  • AFP Medical Center celebrates OT Awareness Month

October 2009

  • Special Education Expo 2009
  • New U.S. Visa Bulletin for October 2009
  • National Ergonomics Month
  • Upcoming Events from MOHO Clearinghouse
  • Global Year Against Musculoskeletal Pain
  • World Osteoporosis Day 2009
  • Free Live Teleseminars on ADHD
  • WFOT Occupational Therapy International Day 2009
  • OT Week in Australia
  • World Congress on Disabilities 2009 Educational Seminars
  • Seminar on Tone Influencing Patterns: Handling for Children with Cerebral Palsy

November 2009

  • Oplan Therapy Alay sa Pamayanan
  • OT Registration Renewal Extension
  • Inaugural OT Australia NSW-ACT Conference 2009
  • Seminar-Workshop on Craniosacral Therapy
  • World COPD Day
  • Certification Examination Alert from NBCOT
  • WFOT 2010 Congress Updates
  • International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • World AIDS Day 2009

December 2009

  • Hong Kong OT Symposium 2010
  • Older Driver Safety Awareness Week
  • Seminar/Workshop on Current Trends in Pediatric Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • APTA Combined Sections Meeting
  • World Health Professions Conference on Regulation
  • IEOT Portal
  • 90th AOTA Annual Conference & Expo
  • First Regional Conference on Autism: “Autism Within Borders”

We will be forever grateful to our loyal supporters. Without you, we would not have been successful in our mission. We hope that 2010 brings us more partnerships and connections with fellow therapists (and hopefully with potential sponsors as well, including those from insurance quotes), in the hopes of furthering the profession via this website. Summary of Articles (January to June 2009)

The year has been hectic so far that we almost forgot to post our usual summary of articles of months gone by. It used to be a quarterly thing but here we are trying to catch up with a semestral one. Here’s your chance to dig into the archives if you’ve missed any of our articles in the last few months.

January 2009

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Ang Therapist Logo

Well, here it is. I finally found the time to upload these images of our very own Ang Therapist logo. Design is purely by Vid, and it comes in both white and black backgrounds.

The concept behind it is simple. If you look closely, there are two people there reaching out to each other. It’s all about connecting, which is what we do here on Ang Therapist — connecting and networking with other Filipino therapists wherever in the world you may be.

Well, now that we have a logo, there may be a give-away contest of some sort with regards to it so keep your eyes peeled for that! Also, if you want to spread the word about Ang Therapist, just grab our badeges from our Links Page by copying and pasting the codes provided.

Cheers to all!

New Look

Pardon the dust everyone! Ang Therapist is undergoing some modifications in the design, which I’m sure you’ll notice by now if you are a regular visitor to the site. There’s also a new logo made by graphic designer Vid (more of that later) which will be posted soon. If you have any suggestions or comments about our new look, feel free to post them here. We enjoy hearing from you!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of new things, you might want to check out this new site extension of Ang Therapist. If you are in search of free healthcare online continuing education courses, make sure to pay Free CEUs a visit. There’s also a newsletter you can subscribe to so you can be alerted every time a new free course announcement is up on the site.

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Free CEUs Website
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