Stroke and Occupational Therapy

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Stroke and Occupational Therapy

Task-specific training: evidence for and translation to clinical practice
Isobel J. Hubbard, Mark W. Parsons, Cheryl Neilson, Leeanne M. Carey

Post-stroke fatigue: qualitative study of three focus groups
Nancy A. Flinn, Jan E. Stube

A review of bilateral training for upper extremity hemiparesis
Mary Ellen Stoykov, Daniel M. Corcos

Description of a return-to-work occupational therapy programme for stroke rehabilitation in Singapore
Mei Leng Chan

The impact of stroke: insights from patients in Taiwan
Ya-Chen Lee, Yi-Miau Chen, I-Ping Hsueh, Yen-Ho Wang, Ching-Lin Hsieh

Relationship of Cognitive and Perceptual Abilities to Functional Independence in Adults Who Have Had a Stroke
Ted Brown, Jennifer Mapleston, Allison Nairn, Andrew Molloy
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Effects of robotic-aided rehabilitation on recovery of upper extremity function in chronic stroke: a single case study
Nancy A. Flinn, Jennifer L. Smith, Christopher J. Tripp, Matthew W. White

ISCOS eLearning: Spinal Cord Injury Management

The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) is launching a web-based teaching and educational resource on 4th September. The Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) e-learning will specifically address the current lack of professional development opportunities for health professionals involved in SCI management. is to be launched during the International Spinal Cord Society’s 51st Annual Scientific Meeting in London on 4th September 2012. The website is presently under construction but all will be able to access the website free of charge after its launch.

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